Co - Curricular

It is very important to offer a rich variety of co- curricular activities to students of all ages. It is only through this exposure that a child becomes aware of its special interests and talents. This in turn allows a child to receive appreciation and confidence. This confidence then gets reflected in other areas leading to all round growth and progress. Co- curricular activities offered include Yoga, dance and music, debates, quizzing, clay modeling, drawing and horse riding. These activities are organized from time to time. Every child is encouraged to participate in maximum number of activities.

For these activities the students of the school are divided in four houses. In this way community feeling is developed among them. All the festivals are celebrated in the school enthusiastically.

Sports and games are very essential for the development of body and mind. In keeping this in view, there is an exclusively period for all the classes. Annual sports day is celebrated every year.

Annual Day also consists of cultural program in which various cultural items are include. All student display their talents be it singing, dancing, drama, mimicry.