Student Life

Student life at Cascade International School goes beyond the realms of the classroom. CIS strongly supports and affords multifarious opportunities for student learning beyond academics. We encourage student involvement in all spheres of life so as to build leadership qualities in them, to inculcate in them a passion for sports and fitness, to develop in them a true spirit for community service, and to enhance their creative expression so as to help them reach their highest potential as productive, positive and progressive human beings.


At Cascade International School, we aspire for excellence in everything…including sports. We have a variety of sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, unwind and keep fit. We have outstanding coaches who train the students how to beat the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship. Inter-House and Inter-School matches are a common feature in our school calendar and routine.

While in school
Following instructions are to be followed by each and every student:

   Follow the instructions of teachers.

   Behave cordially with colleagues.

    Put your heart in learning the lesson.

   Do your homework without fail. When a student follows these instructions sincerely, his capability and competence get improved.

   Learning period: Learning is a most important aspect of student life. During this period only, his intelligence, intellectuality and character get developed. On this basis only he can achieve higher aims of his life. If this period is wasted in unfruitful activities, students, who learn their lessons sincerely and punctually, become capable and competent. They acquire specific potential to perform any important task given to them. Not only they make a rapid progress by themselves, they can face and tackle any type of difficult situation and overcome it.

Learn the Prudence

    Work is never big or small.

    Those who ignore this are really small.

   Nobody is higher or lower by birth.

    Nobody is untouchable by birth.

    God has made all equal.

    Everybody is global.

    There is no discrimination of caste, creed or colour.

    Never think bad. Never do bad

    Let everybody prosper.

    Learn this prudence.